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Starting From 1988 Pipe Tech Incorporated has been manufacturers representatives providing sales and service for products sold through distribution and when required direct to contractors and end users. Our market focus is diversified with sales and service to process industries, commercial construction, municipal utilities, power, oil and gas exploration and production, marine shipbuilding, and others. We specialize in project contracts management, products application recommendations, including systems design for most all of our products. Pipe Tech provides customer support with product training, technical seminars, and field service. In addition we are master distributors with a select inventory for staging project deliveries and for immediate supply to independent distributors. In house capabilities include assembly of hydraulic control valves, valve actuation, sub assemblies including enclosure panels with instrumentation and controls. Pipe Tech offers high level of technical competence, providing assistance to engineering firms, contractors, and end users. Assistance includes problem solving, design with valve and piping component recommendations, plus problem recognition field surveys with detail technical reports.


Hydraulic Operated Pump Control Valves

The Bermad 740 Q is the most versatile transient control start stop positioning valve used to help prevent surge damage problems. Additional functions can be added to the valve that included backpressure pressure sustaining, and downstream pressure reducing control plus, open / closing speed control, large control filter and many other accessories with design for both high and low pressure service. Pipe Tech provides both operator training and field service.

Hydraulic Operated Surge Anticipating Control Valves

The Bermad 735M Series provides quick acting defense against catastrophic water hammer damage to a piping system downstream of the pump control valve. Relief protection is provided for sequential pump trips, slam closing air valves and other resulting negative pressure wave from complex piping systems. Pipe Tech has the portable TP-1 and TP-3 monitoring systems to detect the frequency and intensity of transients as they occur in factions of a second. Pipe Tech work with yaur Consultant and in house engineering to participate in the
design surge protected systems.


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Pipe Tech provides Auma Electric Motor Operators and controls and Kinetrol Pneumatic Actuators and controls with positioners for each technology. Our field service assists both independent contractors and municipal water and waste water plant personnel. We provide field training with onsite startup, setting open/close switches, modulating controls, pressure and flow monitoring equipment along with installation operating and maintenance manuals.

Accessories include chain wheel operators, extension stems, stem guides, and floor stands with indicators. sales@pipetechinc.com or call 985 892 8898.


Actuation & Controls

Double Acting and Spring Return
Electric & Electro-Hydraulic
Control Panels
Loop Controllers & Flow Controllers
Venturis & Ejectors


Air & Vacuum Release Valves

Water Storage Blending
Vacuum Breakers


Blackflow Assemblies

Reduced Pressure
Double Check
Detector Check
Pressure Vacuum Breaker
Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker


Ball Valves

2″ through 48″, 150lb. through 2500lb.
Trunnion Mounted
Top Entry
Floating Ball
Metal Seated
PFA Lined
Sub-Seal Ball Valve
2-way & 3-way
Titanium, Hastelloy & Duplex Materials


Butterfly Valves

2″ through 144″, 150lb. & 300lb.
Resilient Seated
High Performance
AWWA Butterfly Valves


Check Valves

1/4″ – 72″, 125lb. – 2500lb.
Double Disc
Swing Check
Center Guided Silent Check
Tilting Disc
AWWA Swing Check
Hydraulic Cushion & Air Cushion
Rubber Line Checks
Pump Control Check Valves
Through Conduit Check Valves
Foot Valves


Control Valves

Solenoid, Pressure Reducing,
Pressure Relief, Pressure Sustaining
Rate of Flow Control, Booster Pump Control,
Float & Altitude Control, Deluge,
Rotary Control Valves, Linear Control Valves


Diaphragm Valves

Lined & Unlined Weir or Straightway



 Eccentric Plug Valves

HVAC – Flow Balance Type
Water & Waste Water Service
Air & Motor Operated
Buried Service Valves
Rubber Lined
Mining & Abrasive Service Valves
3-Way Valves


Expansion Joints

Rubber, Teflon, Metal
Flexible Metal Hose, Fan Connectors,
High Pressure Metal


Electrical Heat Tracing Systems

Pipes, Valves, Tanks, etc.


Fabricated Products

ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessels
Strainers – Basket, Tee, Wye
Start-up Strainers, Pump Seal Pots
Sample Coolers & Separators,
Bolted Line Blinds, Figure 8
Crosses & Laterals
Bleed Rings & Spacer Flanges


Knife Gate Valves

All Types


Pressure Sensors

Isolator rings, Diaphragm Seals, Pressure Gauges & Needle Valves.



Pressure Transmitter, Level Transmitter,
Magnetic Flowmeter, DP Mass Flowmeters
Vortex Flowmeters


Mixing & Blending

Inline Wafer Type Mixers
Aerator Mixers
Water Storage Blending


Sluice Gates

Stainless Steel & Aluminum
Weir Gates, Channel, Flap Gates
Stop Logs, Mud Valves, Telescoping Valves



Wye, Basket, Duplex
Automated, Fully Lines, Suction Diffusers
Meter Strainers, Tee, Fabricated Basket,
Temporary Cone Type





This list includes, but is not limited to the following Manufacturers

Auma Actuators

Electric Actuators, Controls, & Gearing


Pressure Reducing – Sustaining
Pump Control & Flow Control
Altitude & Level Control
Hydraulic Surge Control Valves



Custom Control Panels
Systems Design Instrumentation & Level Controls

Crispin Multiplex Manufacturing

Water & Sewer Air & Vacuum Release Valves
AWWA Check & Butterfly Valves, UX Series SS Air Valves
Deep Well Air Valves, Negative Pressure Valves

Dango & Dienenthal Inc.

Automatic Strainers & Filters, Centrifugal Separators
Jet Strainer/Filter, Bag Filters, Drum
Simplex & Duplex Strainers/Filters

Emerson Rosemount Process Mgt.

Pressure, Level, & Flow Transmitters
Magmeters, Analytical Instruments

Flo-Tite Inc.

Ball & HP Butterfly Valves



Modular Vane Pneumatic Valve Actuators
Controls and Accessories

Milliken Valve Company

Eccentric Plug Valves – 2/3 Way
Butterfly & Check Valves
Valve Automation – Electric/ air

Proco Products

Elastomer Expansion Joints,
Pro Flex Elastomer Check Valves

Titan Flow Controls

Wye, Basket & Duplex Strainers
Cone & Basket Strainers
Std Check & Butterfly Valves

Westfall Inc.

Static Mixers
Venturi Flow Meters

Wey Knife Gates

High performance knife gates
Valves – All types




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